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8 Tips For Screenwriters

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced screenwriter, here are a few tips to improve your screenwriting.

Writers interview links:
The Dialogue https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDialogue
Summer Movie Writers: Roundtable Full Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rrvkU85YDU

Full Uncensored Writers Roundtable

The Writers: Full Uncensored Interview

Screenwriting resources


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  1. The filmmaker that can achieve the discipline to get from the internet all
    it has to offer, needs no film school to learn. It seems easy when we talk
    about it- “all i have to do is sit, read, watch and take notes everyday,
    all the time”, but it’s not so easy when you actually go and try it. I
    think the key is to discover your limits,15 minutes a day is enough if
    that’s what you can do in the beginning, but later on you’ll be spending
    hours automatically and you won’t realise. It’s been like this with me, I
    think this is how it works, we have to create the habit. This video in
    particular is a must-see, the links in the description are gold. Thanks

  2. Ha, YES, study Pixar films. Most of them are flawlessly constructed. Great

  3. Thanks. Some good tips here. You’ve given me the idea of doing some form of
    script writing 15 mins a day. Only I’d get carried away and end up using
    more time on this per day than I want/should.

  4. Some good BAD movies that are essentially ‘rough drafts’ of movies (and
    which are horribly enjoyable.) : The Room, Birdemic. 


    Awesome tips again DBritt. Thanks.

  6. Francois Jolicoeur

    Hey I wrote a screenplay for a feature that follows the resource filmmaking
    guide you did. I want to shoot it this summer and I was wondering, do you
    think my t3i would cut it? Also what are some essential lenses I should get
    (I currently only have the 18-55mm kit lens)

  7. I’ve watched nearly all ur videos on film making and they are all really,
    really helpful thank you 

  8. Thanks for tips! I’m still in the beginning of my Filmmaking journey, didnt
    know all of this went into just screenwriting though. :/

  9. Great tips! I’d even take # 2 a step further and say, get involved in local
    community theater. Actually act in a few plays. Really, I think nothing has
    helped me get into the mechanics of what makes a good script more than the
    process of bringing a character to life, to participate in telling the
    playwright’s story.

  10. Thanks for the tips man! Have you got any for really making a piece of
    drama script more dramatic, cheers!

  11. I just found your channel and have been watching some of your videos
    lately, and I would like to thank you so much for the advice. I’m 15 and I
    would like to be a filmmaker some day, and I can honestly say that you have
    really helped me. One thing that’s worked for me is not only deciding what
    could make a bad movie better, but actually re-writing some of the scenes
    in bad movies.

  12. Good ideas. Thank you.

  13. I may have a future because of this Youtuber!

  14. Three/Zero/One/Plus

    Everything this guy says is absolute gold! Thank you so much, man!

  15. 1,3, and 4 are invaluable for writers of ANYTHING.

    Read, write, and observe life (think, philosophize.) 

  16. +D4Darious do you know of specif6 bad movies that would be good to study

  17. Thank you so much for these tips! I just wrote three pages of notes on a
    movie I spent four hours watching lol. Even though it kinda sucks that I
    just spent up a lot of my day doing this, I’m proud of myself for actually
    getting it done and not stopping halfway just to be lazy. Again thanks,
    this really helped me get back on my feet with writing!

  18. #2 is a *really* good tip. I’ve acted before I started writing and every
    time I write, it just helps visualize and understand the characters more.
    When I look back at my really old scripts, the’re really bland and you just
    made me realize that it’s because the acting skills I had back then aren’t
    nearly as developed as they are now. I honestly can’t see how anyone could
    disagree with this one.
    Also, this is a really good first video to watch-and I’m saying that as a
    newbie to your channel. It’s really helpful. Just to let you know.

  19. thomas the tank engine

    you in la?

  20. Thanks for the tips man!

  21. Hi darious . I just wanted to ask is it OK to shoot in different locations
    to make it look like your in one location? Because my aunty let me use her
    home to film ,but we’re I live the man let me film in his store for another

  22. Hey, excellent work, I am learning a lot from your vids. Your podcast is
    one that gives us lots of insight into story and writing, which seems more
    rare on YT. Everyone touts story as centrally important, but few get into
    the details of how one goes about writing a good story, outlining the
    formal structure and all the various elements, so thanks for that. One can
    learn so much online nowadays about all aspects of film-making. Thanks for
    sharing, keep up the great work. 

  23. I tried to respond to your email on my car test page today but your page
    will not take a response and your Google page only lists your youtube
    videos you made, buy says you have no youtube account. And your Google page
    will not allow direct contact. Only by going around on the youtube page
    and punching your name did I find you. I have never seen anything like
    this! Very strange. Will look at your videos when I get some free time.
    .Always good to know there are movie makers near by.

  24. MarcoAndTheMachine

    I’ve been looking for a channel like yours for ages. Thanks for the amazing

  25. Are going to do a breakdown of a bad movie one day?

  26. Hi, from Eastern Europe. Sorry for my english. This is my first comment.
    So, I watched almoust all your videos, and I will do it again a couple of
    times. Very heplful info man. Keep doing this! I hipe You get a lot of

  27. Emanuel Oliveira

    OK…I think i like you know, your videos are really helpful, Thanks XD 

  28. Chandradeep Singh

    Hi, i have been watching your Videos, they are quite helpful & informative.
    I work as an Assistant Director & i wish to write my own script. I have
    couple of ideas which i want to develop into proper scripts or shorts.
    Wanted your help in order to break down a script or a movie. Is there a
    website where i can read about how to breakdown scripts to understand the
    structure of a Movie better, with an example of a movie. if u can help with
    that. i would really appreciate. Thanks. 

  29. Excellent tips yo!

  30. Look up best Screenwriting contests to enter – http://youtu.be/NZhXEWKMcLc

  31. Thank you for the tips. All were helpful. Could you edit this maybe and
    cover everything in the background up. It’s distracting.

  32. good tips dude cheers

  33. Yes, a thousand times yes. Especially breaking down bad movies. I’ve
    developed a fondness for breaking down exactly what’s wrong with the
    scripts of bad movies and it puzzles and concerns those close to me. 

  34. This is great. Thank you so much. I dwill look into acting classes and read
    more scripts. I would also add to your list read your scripts, read out
    loud you can see if there are problems with dialogue if it works if less is
    needed. Get a friend to read it not one that will kiss your ass and not one
    who will kick your butt. The overall creative process is creative input,
    which is the experince of the arts and life, infestation, when you let it
    all marinade in your head and finally creative output, when you write. 

  35. Christopher Langley

    Hey Darius, love the videos they are really inspiring and helpful. But I
    have a question, you said we should write everyday. Should we write a
    script every day or like plots? I’m currently writing at least 2 plots a
    day for different movie ideas to get better ideas so I can make the best
    script as possible plus I have a lot of movie ideas. Should we write plots
    or work on a specific script everyday? Thanx and keep up the good work and
    good luck to your career.

  36. Damn, D. You showed me lots of ideas, man! You’re an awesome

  37. Dude, you’r good, but clean up your room and shut your closet.

  38. Good tips! But! As the same goes with sports, I would be careful with
    overtraining or overdoing things. Reading a lot of scripts and writing
    everyday maybe good, but even more important is to live a life, and having
    a lot of days of from writing. Brain gets fresh. Ideas are better and you
    write more creatively I think.

  39. Hey Darious, i freaking love this channel! Thanks so much for the tips.
    You’re channel is one of my weekly checks. I have one question. Do you have
    any advice on time management and allocating time to doing these things in
    terms of how to get the most out of your time? In other words, it would be
    great to know how much time or how many times a week you do devote to each
    of the 8 tips. Do you have a routine or can you recommend a routine?

  40. A comment for on breaking down stories if you don’t want to right linear
    stories watch pulp fiction and try that style

  41. Acting classes are important for both writers and directors, I’m currently
    taking one and it helps gain insight from that perspective. Stealing from
    life is also crucial and I’m glad you brought it up. Often times, writers
    will loosely base characters & story elements on events that occurred in
    their lives. Typically, the protagonist tends to be the more
    autobiographical character for screenwriters (myself included). Very true
    on your next tip, write daily and as often as possible! Any GOOD movie can
    be broken down into those three acts, which you briefly cover. Even with
    bad movies, you’re observant about the mistakes so that we avoid them when
    film our projects. I love reading articles about filmmaking, so useful.
    Great tips Darius but you forgot to mention re-writing while doing
    revisions mainly on the dialogue. Keep up the good work bro!

  42. Yes! YES! Thank YOU. Agree, agree, agree with EVERYTHING.

  43. Thanks D4Darious, I really enjoyed this and I was amazed at the
    similarities that can also be used for writing novels, which is the medium
    that I usually write in but I’m about to try my hand at screenwriting. I
    definitely appreciate your insight. Are you aware of any useful
    screenwriting workshops or other mediums to network with established

  44. HardDriveRecording

    Darious, just found you this morning and subscribed. I look forward to
    watching all your tips and your film. Thanks man

  45. I love that read scripts till you’re sick of reading scripts and read 50
    more, my question is when you read a script should you read a script of a
    film you have already seen or have not seen before?

  46. duuuuude, your awesome.

  47. This is what I’ve been looking for. Where’s your channel been hiding? LIKED
    and SUBBED.

  48. Koulla Theoharous

    Screenwriting: 8 Tips To Improve Your Screenwriting Skills

    I learnt a lot about the 3 Act Structure, characters goals, plot, loglines,
    sub plot etc. When I read feature and short scripts online. It helps to
    progress my knowledge writing my own scripts. I got good ideas in my head
    but I need to structure it better. I’m going to keep in mind to watch bad
    movies and acting classes. Hope that helps for me!

    Good info in this video!

  49. Great stuff!! Thank you for posting!

  50. Great channel and video. I’ve been doing a lot of these things
    subconsciously and it’s good to see that these things are actually seen by
    more experienced screenwriters and movie lovers as good things to stay on
    top of. 

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