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How to Write a Screenplay That Doesn’t Suck – 3 Tips for How to Write a Script That Will Sell

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Not sure how to write a screenplay that will actually sell and make you some serious moolah? It’s not as complicated as the overpriced gurus want to make it?

In this video, editor of the ScriptBully inbox magazine, details a 3-step formula to ensure you have a marketable and interesting screenplay idea that will help you write a movie script that’s compelling, dramatic and…most notably…sellable.

And if you want more tips on how to write a screenplay that’s got a good shot at helping you quit your wage slave job don’t forget to head over to…

http://scriptbully.com/ebook1 For FREE INSTANT access to my eBook “7 Secrets to a Kick-Ass and Marketable Screenplay” head over to ScriptBully.com (http://scriptbully.com/ebook1) AND become supremely awesome TODAY!

Good luck with your writing! (You’ll need it. Wh-ha-ha.)

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  1. Thank you for an excellent insight on screenwriting…very inspiring. I’m
    getting started to write my first screenplay and feel I have a strong idea
    for a film…I want to throw you the title of it and I would love to hear a
    reply from you on how it grabs you and please be brutally honest.Lol
    …here goes….””WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS”…Thank u again and more power to

  2. This is excellent advice, some of the best I’ve ever seen or heard. BUT,
    unfortunately, Hollywood is chock full of readers, producers, studio heads
    and other shmucks who can not divine a fart at a baked bean dinner, let
    alone know what a great script is. THEY do not know. THEY have absolutely
    no imagination at all. None at all. History proves this. Star Wars was
    turned down by every studio, including 20th Century until Alan Ladd Jr, a
    studio exec, fought for it. I sent a great scifi script (26 page one
    rewrites) to Stephanie Simon Mgt. years ago, when they requested the script
    for Elecktra and Hilton. They didn’t read it. The twink at the front office
    (as if the backroom yoyos aren’t twinks) said “We don’t get scifi.”. I
    asked her why they requested the script in the first place, and she went
    silent. Like her Ray-O-Vac battery died. In a town where scifi makes
    BILLIONS, in a town where leading women in scifi are as common as Charlie
    Sheen Sober Valley clinics, not reading or even caring about the most
    popular genre is the essence of professional incompetence. It’s tough to
    face the reality of this inbred culture mutt, but Hollywood is a massive
    scam, run by whackjobs and professionally challenged. If you write a
    good-great-whatever script, then shelve it, and write a second one. Then
    make that movie. Then, when you make millions, make your first script. Then
    tell Hollywood to get a life and stop scamming the world’s screenwriters.
    ‘Nuff said.

  3. Ibelieve Intheone

    I know you are giving an example but I did not think that idea was very
    good. I am sorry.

  4. thx for the good tips

  5. Me and friend are writing a screenplay write now this helped a lot :) 

  6. i love your insight on this i have writen 4 scripts so far but now i
    understand more so now. thanks a bunch.

  7. I’ve been stuck on this topic for quite sometime. The way you explained
    this is awesome. Super helpful!


  9. What you’re saying in necessarily good advice… In fact it limits
    creativity for the narrative. Whilst this is probably the simplest way to
    convey an idea or theme it certainly isn’t the only way as you can embody
    themes/ideas in characters and through good use of cinematography. 

  10. One of the best things I have heard in regards to screenwriting (or any
    writing) in my search so far!

  11. Fantastic advice, thank you very much.

  12. I have an idea for a movie. actually its more than idea I have scenes, a
    plot, where i want the movie to go, all that. I just don’t know how to gew
    the ideas from my head to paper. what format? screenplay?

  13. Stephanie Mccann

    I really want to make a career of this but I have a hard time getting
    started. Any help?

  14. Searnda Marshall

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

  15. at first i was like “hmmmm”, then i was like “I GET IT”, then i was like
    “but who’s this fucking guy?” and i finished by making a comment before i
    check out your other vidyas.

  16. I like this.

  17. ATTN: ALL WRITERS , Please feel free to join us over at Writers Corner
    Look for us on facebook….

  18. LionRoseProductions

    You’re awesome Michael!
    I’m an aspiring film student
    and your new subscriber :)

  19. Dear scriptbully,

    I am a beginning actor and I want to ask you if u can help me with other
    things about acting like how to cry on cue a how to get into ur character n
    be the character. So, I want to ask if u can guide me by making a video on
    how to explain it all?
    Sincerely Tomas M. Gonzalez

  20. How would you go about selling a screenplay 

  21. Thank you! I need to write a film for a school project (I got the hardest
    job) and this advice is INCREDIBLY helpful. It works with any type of film
    and gives you the basics of moviemaking so I can make films that are not
    only for school. Thanks once again!

  22. Indrajit Deshmukh

    Good tips… much gratitude

  23. Ok what about this Night of the comets meets Fast times at Ridgemont High

  24. You just created a much better Log-line for me. A salable one. 

  25. Repetition from other video. Exact same contents.

  26. Who do I talk to so I can pitch an idea?

  27. Temiloluwa Adebiyi

    Thanks man. Saved me a lot of trouble 

  28. you are awesome. I got a lot from this, thank you. :-)


    Thank you so much I need this

  30. That'sCivicsWeek

    What you are saying sounds like advice to produce another run of the mill
    hollywood film that will sell to the essentially lobotomised audience,
    (which is unfortunately the main portion of movie viewers). The example you
    gave sounds like another typical Adam Sandler summer comedy, which follows
    the same old boring template. Sure the script might sell, but my favourite
    movies and some of the most critically acclaimed movies do not follow this
    template, they are different, refreshing and far more entertaining. So
    whilst some of what you are saying can be applied, as narrative direction
    and plot development can often be lost without a structure. Whilst this is
    a mostly unnecessary rant, I did feel the need to stand up for cinema as
    the art form I love it as, and not let it drop into the money making
    machine hollywood is trying to drag it into.

  31. Thanks, MG.

  32. this has saved me a lot of trouble, thank you.

  33. Thank u for the video, cool ideas, saved me a few pages , keep em coming!

  34. movie where me, the friendly nigger, a hood rat decides i have to live the
    clean life in order to meet spongebob (my hero) and live undersea.

  35. Thank you for the video. I found it very insightful and honest.

  36. InglebertHumperdink1

    I’ve seen tons of videos tackling this subject and yours has summed it up
    better then most of them, thanks.

  37. McKee says the same thing about nailing the ending. But, how many
    screenplays has Michael Rogan sold?

  38. Thank you for this advice. You are clear, concise, and engaging. You’ve
    already helped me with this one video more than words can say. Have a good
    one, brother.

  39. Thanks man, that’s an awesome advice. 

  40. Hi all i have som money and me my skill and looking for partners and get
    god tim to make some fuckan movie like imagination.
    What we need is somthing new! Somthing fresh! Somthing to really shake
    things up!”

  41. thank you!!!!

  42. Excellent information. Very helpful and insightful. Thank you. 

  43. Thank you for the good advice

  44. thanks man now everything seems a lot more simple

  45. Thanks man, that’s an awesome advice. 

  46. Thank man I getting I’m gonna watch a few more videos thanks for the start 

  47. I just subscribed keep them coming :)

  48. Good stuff

  49. cool!

  50. Alexandre Boucher

    so happy because I got a killer idea for a movie that hits everything you
    just said, it it now a matter of making it into a good story!

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