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Kevin Koehler and Screenwriting After the Black List

Thinking about becoming a professional screenwriter? Wondering what it might be like to “break in?” Great little interview with Kevin Koehler over on The Film Circuit where he discusses this and more. The article includes three videos with some very real information on what happens after you break in along with how you proceed once you become a professional. What makes this interview better than most is that this really is what a lot of us can expect to happen once we climb that additional rung on the ladder. Apparently, after having one of his specs end up on the Black List back in 2008, Kevin broke into the business but it wasn’t all about becoming rich and famous.


It was the beginning of Kevin’s new journey as pro screenwriter… The article was published back in January 2013 but it’s a real eye-opener for any of you out there reaching for the brass ring.

As of that writing, none of Kevin’s specs had actually gone into production but the spec that broke Kevin in, allows him to now write full time for a living. Sounds like he managed to grab the brass ring to me.

The videos really do tell you what to expect once you break in. Enjoy!

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