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The Directors: Quentin Tarantino on Writing a Script

‘Django Unchained’ writer and director Quentin Tarantino shares his writing process and the dilemmas he faces while writing a script.

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  1. Gabriel Oluwakotanmi

    I fucks with Quentin tarantino 

  2. Oh well thanks for this perfect advice from this brilliant writer! Great
    focus: LOVE the script-page by page. Love him!!

  3. Based God Wrestling Prick 420

    Tarantino is the godfather of Screenwriting, someone to look up to.

  4. I think Quentin Tarantino has some mental or personality issues, but who
    cares he makes great movies.

  5. Perfect approach. Shyamalan has said the same thing about his screenplays.

  6. creative people are weird

  7. Quentin is boooooring.

  8. It’s a good thing Quentin Tarantino isn’t completely arrogant and in love
    with himself, ’cause it would make all of his advice sound really douche-y.
    Thank god his movies are good.

  9. What’s with the 30 sec. intro to a 2 minute piece..gets old ? filmmakers?

  10. He talks like the Joker. 

  11. where is spike lee????

  12. The dude who wrote Miserables The should not be in this group.

  13. It’s a good approach.. It help make each part stand on its own, helps avoid
    the mistake of bogging down your script with stuff that don’t progress the

  14. Fuckin love this guy

  15. What’s that song playing in the beginning and the end?

  16. Superman vs Bat Affleck.

  17. So basically, write the script in a very novel sort of way and modify it to
    meet the needs of adapting it to the screen.

  18. Love the idea that he has two different hats. He writes the screenplay to
    be just that, then he changes hats and almost adapts his own work.

  19. Ben Affleck’s facial expression, hahaha ^.^

  20. Makes so much sense.

  21. I still think his last turely great film was jackie brown

  22. 0:33 The hell was dat!

  23. Quentin(not necessarily here as much) usually comes across as a cokehead
    who is very well spoken. I would say articulate but I don’t know if that’s
    the right way to put it, because he isn’t exactly using big words all the
    time. But it’s awesome, he’s an entertaining guy…I am not saying it’s a
    bad thing. Like if he wasn’t so well spoken and he was just as energetic,
    he would just come across as a cokehead would he not? I rest my case. 

  24. There they all are. Men. Wall to wall men. Just want to remind the viewer
    that there are women writing and directing films.

  25. Jeffery Lebowski

    Ben Affleck is looking like a douche. As normal.

  26. Cum sa scrii un scenariu- Quentin Tarantino

  27. When I’m eating it’s about the fork, it’s not about the food or the spoon,
    and if I do my job right, by the end of the night I’ll have a stomach full
    of sausage and eggs.

  28. Distinguished Sausage Fest – Directed by Nighshamalama.

  29. 2 minute clip. 30 second intro.

  30. InglebertHumperdink1

    Quentin was lucky enough to be able to direct one of his scripts, it’s
    almost unheard of in the industry. It is a testament to his talent. Piles
    and piles of screenplays end up in the trash because of a single spelling
    mistake or format error. 

  31. men of passion for their work … umm just top of my head Taratino for
    movies and Jobs for tech

  32. 00:32

    “It’s shorter…arrigghhttttttasoihfgfdsghfdaahhhhhhhh.”

  33. He is definitely a lucky guy as far as film making is concerned. On the
    other hand he has a clear vision of things. He has ideas. He knows the
    cinema. And: he buckles up the audience. No-one has to stay in line, no-one
    has to fear – everyone enjoys the great pictures and sound. That is Mr.
    Tarantino – it’s all about the movies.

  34. This is exactly how I write! Thought I was nuts until I heard him say this
    a couple years ago. Loving it!

  35. most of these directors suck big time

  36. Tarantino should write and direct a superhero film or Sci-fi action
    thriller! A example idea for a superhero film could be about a group of
    criminals gifted with extraordinary supernatural abilities, who are all
    serving time in a Super Maximum Security Prison, are assembled into a elite
    team of superheroes/secret agents by a Top-Secret Government Agency to
    track down and eliminate a shadowy terrorist organization but each member
    is being hunted and killed off one-by-one by a mysterious menace. As far as
    a Sci-fi thriller, the story could be told in separate storylines that come
    together like Pulp fiction and Sin City. One of the storylines could be
    about an elite team of revolutionists who starting a war with a oppressive
    and tyrannical government. Another storyline could be about a girl with
    psychic powers and her father who are trying to find a cure for a deadly
    disease that his daughter is suffering from. One more could be a police
    detective who falls in love with a android prostitute that happens to a
    vigilante killer hunting the men responsible for a loved one’s murder.

  37. what goes on inside the head of Quentin tarantino…? I wouldn’t mind
    having a look to be honest haha

  38. Mainly the second one. The first Kill Bill had it’s moments but altogether
    not really my kind of movie. And I’m sober thanks for asking.

  39. So basically you’ll know when its good :D

  40. Quentin is a powerhouse among these guys. no offense. other then Gus, his
    passion runs deepest of the 6

  41. i kinda agree- but ang lee is one of the most down to earth directors out

  42. The reason why QT can riff exuberantly over his work is that he is a true
    cinematic auteur, the author and owner of his work, unlike myriad
    interpreter-directors who shoot-by-numbers. That’s what really seperates Q
    from the pack ;)

  43. dear lord. quentin tarantino and ang lee sitting next to eachother. *HEAD

  44. Only want to hear tarantino….. not the other money making douches.

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  46. Well… To be fair.. Some of them are :P

  47. hahaha so true i l dont know why i love them i think hes so interesting

  48. PrussianEngineer

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    the genocide of all European peoples in your book. Meanwhile all the other
    peoples who had tried to conquer Europe and other parts of the world long
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