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The Stanford Psychology Experiment That Went Very Very Wrong

The Stanford Prison Experiment stars Billy Crudup as psychologist, Philip Zimbardo in this gripping, tedious and deliberately discomfiting re-creation of a notorious 1971 prison simulation of the same name.

Psychology professors used this study as a handy-dandy reference guide to show how people seem naturally inclined to abuse power. Zimbardo recruited 24 volunteers and asked them to spend two weeks in a fake prison. Some of these volunteers were prisoners, and some of them were guards.

Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, editor of ScriptMag spoke with screenwriter, Tim Talbott about the film, his extensive research, rewrite strategies and navigating a beast of a project that took decades to get made.

Talbott explained that people had been trying to make Stanford Prison Experiment for 40 years. When first approached, he was skeptical and felt you couldn’t take sane and rational people and make them believe a classroom with bars on it was a prison they couldn’t get out of. Read the interview and find out just how wrong he was.

Source: Line Between Good & Evil: Tim Talbott on Writing ‘Stanford Prison Experiment’ – Script Magazine

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