Neuroscience and the Art of Filmmaking


Neuroscience might help you become a better screenwriter and filmmaker. Why do so many of us cry at the movies? Why do we flinch when Rocky Balboa takes a punch? Why do we duck when the jet careens toward the tower in “Airplane,” and tap our toes to the dance numbers in “Chicago” or “Moulin Rouge?” Watch the video! See Original ...

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Breaking Into Hollywood David DeGrow Shotwell Shares How

Breaking into Hollywood

Came across this old post on and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s always nice to read about how different screenwriters are breaking into Hollywood. You never know when it might trigger how we can do something different or add to our bag of tricks. Shotwell’s real advice? Go ahead and make the move to Hollywood. Get a job that allows ...

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Student Screenwriters Sought For Holle Screenwriting Award

Holle Screenwriting Award

TUSCALOOSA AL – One lucky University of Alabama student screenwriter will be awarded a $10,000 first prize sometime during the spring 2015 semester. The Holle Screenwriting Award is open to all University of Alambama’s graduate and undergraduate attending students. Your screenplay submission needs to be 80 to 120 pages and must include a one-sentence logline. Says Neely Portera, UA’s director ...

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Jason Hall Talks American Sniper, Oscar Nomination, and Screenwriting

Jason Hall American Sniper

Over at Huffington Post, Jason Hall, screenwriter of American Sniper discusses some of the basics many of us seem to either forget or take for granted when it comes to writing a screenplay. I thought it interesting one of the first things he says is, “Take your time.” I read a lot of screenplays, especially from beginning screenwriters that feel a ...

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Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith on Collaboration

Karen McCullah-and Kirsten Smith on Collaboration

Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith on collaboration. These two really make you want to go out and find a writing partner! This video gets right into their process… Carding. Never heard it called that before but it’s a great term. Deconstructing movies that fit into their current project. Plotting with each other which they point out is really the heavy ...

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Erik Bork Interviews Gordy Hoffman

Erik Bork interviews Gordy Hoffman

Erik Bork over a flying wrestler interviews Gordy Hoffman, founder of the BlueCat Screenwriting Competition. Great questions with good answers. Quick read. Gordy Hoffman interview Gordy Hoffman, award-winning Writer-Director (and founder/judge of the BlueCat Screenwriting Competition – which I believe is one of the top ten contests out there) recently interviewed me for BlueCat’s blog. Then I interviewed him back! ...

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To Be Or Not To Be A Screenwriter

To be or Not to be a Screenwriter

Love this article from Industrial Scripts about what a screenplay is, does, and what it should do.  A very quick and concise read and very much worth reading especially if you’re sitting on the fence about even becoming a screenwriter in the first place. The Screenplay & The Mountain The Screenplay. Like some kind of Mordorian tower it looms over ...

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Screenwriting Same But Different

Same but Different

We’ve all heard the phrase when it comes to creating a new concept for a screenplay… SAME BUT DIFFERENT On one hand, sounds like cheating. We get that but Hollywood is a fickle place if you haven’t already figured that out. Why do you sit in that theater movie after movie and can almost always predict what’s going to happen ...

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Write Passionate Screenplays

Write with Passion

Great post over at Industrial Scripts that reminds me to remind you to write what you’re passionate about. Hopefully, whatever you’re passionate about is also marketable but even if it’s not, the passion should, in all reality, shine through the writing. This post reminds me that even if we write passionate stories in our screenplays that aren’t quite marketable, it’s ...

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